Menopause Meet up (Virtual) - 25th November 2021

 Thursday, 25 November '21 12pm-1:30pm

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This is an informal peer support group where people are free to contribute to the conversation or simply listen to others talk about their experiences. We will have a Local GP, Occupational Health Nurse and a OB-GYN Consultant there to answer any questions you may have relation to the menopause and to provide education around requested topics of discussion. These Menopause Meet Ups will be held on a bi-monthly basis across the ICS and will help both women and men to open up and feel more confident speaking about their experiences. It will also help to banish any unhelpful myths, raise awareness of this important topic, and positively impact staff health and wellbeing levels.

We also have a face to face meet up for the same day and time (25th November at 12:30pm-1pm) if you want to attend physically. The link to register for this meet up is here.

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